2017 Comments from Riders/Stats

TdF 2017 Statistics

  • The best one day cycling event in Oregon.
  • We had a great time, we loved the ride, the people in town were great and we will be back.
  • Excellent as always, beautiful ride, friendly volunteers, great support and post-ride dinner.
  • Powers does a very nice job of welcoming the riders. They should take pride in the job they do. Like the encouraging signs and the bikes along the way.
  • My first time here, but won't be my last. Course was beautiful and well marked. Well run and I felt like volunteers were looking after me. Thanks!
  • The choice of rides is fabulous. Quite a variety of lengths and levels. It is very well organized. The riders have exceptional support. You feel safe even if you ride alone. It is a ride, not a race, thus there is time to treasure the quiet beauty of nature.
  • This was our first TDF. It was really great. I felt like the whole town of Powers came out to greet us and participate. The route is amazing; the Glendale to Powers paved road is the kind of route I fantasize about riding on my road bike. We will be back again!
  • The whole ride was wonderful. I felt like I was the Queen of England - so much hospitality, good food and special attention. I loved having coffee at the rest stops. Someone even purchased gluten free parmesan cheese for the post-race meal. The route was beautiful and traffic-free. It was a lovely day.
  • Long drive from Hood River, but we were really happy to have made it for this event! We've been bragging it up to our local friends.
  • This is one of the prettiest bike rides you will find anywhere. I've ridden several Ride the Rockies and Cycle Oregon rides and this is as nice as any leg on them.
  • Excellent homemade snacks and friendly local folks!!!
  • Food and volunteers are outstanding. Excellent Gluten free options
  • Loved the live music! I love, love, LOVED the musicians playing at Daphne Grove. That was a perfect respite. More of that, please!
  • This is the most amazing ride! Thank you so much for putting this on and really putting the whole town's heart into it. I am still gushing at work about how amazing it was, how I did the entire 117 miles on home-made monster cookies and pickle juice. How rest stops had such a variety of every kind of food you could think of. At one stop (near the end, I forget which), they were very apologetic about how they were out of "everything." And then they kept pulling up, "we have grapes, and pretzels, and bars, and gels, and gaiter aide . . ." You have more food at a stand where they're running out than many events that cost much more do all day. The scenery is fantastic, the SAG fantastic (loved Moe's Bike Shop's bubbles). I will be back for sure - and bring more friends.
  • As far as I'm concerned, you can't improve on perfection. Only negative about the Tour rides are that there are approx. 363 days between them.

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