$65 , $70 if register day of race (only $55.00 if registered by May 1.) 

Powers - Agness Pass - Rogue River - Singing Springs Resort (turn around point) - Powers

71 miles

Map - Cue Sheet

This loop-ride, with 58 miles of asphalt and 18 miles of gravel, will allow you to work out a 5400 foot elevation gain. A six mile, 2000 foot decent on two-track gravel through old growth mixed hardwood/conifer forest and you will be looking for Robin Hood before you reach the Rogue River Access at Foster Bar (sorry, it's a massive gravel bar).  Pedal 6.4 miles on single-lane asphalt with pullouts and you arrive at the turn around point, the Singing Springs Resort.  Digest your luncheon before your 11 mile climb up to Agness Pass. It's just a trip to the store.



Category Climbs:

Category 1 - 1 climb

Category 2 - 2 climbs

Category 3 - 1 climb












Tour de Fronds T-Shirt

Order the Tour de Fronds T-shirt when you register!  

Last day to pre-order T-Shirts for Tour day delivery is June 1.  

Orders for later delivery will be taken on day of ride.

Available in Mens and Womens styles in sizes from Small to 4XL.  All sizes are $20 each.



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