Road Conditions

The Tour de Fronds is a back-country route, beautiful, but remote. The Forest Service and BLM roads are mostly paved and fine for road bikes, but some of the route is chip-seal.  We also recommend that you cycle with a partner and limit speed on the descents.


Tire Recommendations

Daphne Grove, Eden Valley Metric CenturyArrastra SaddleCruiser Loop and Agness Pass      

We recommend 25C to 32C tires as a minimum for comfort.




E-Bikes are allowed, but please be courteous to fellow riders who are self-powered when on the road.


Guidelines for a safe and enjoyable ride

On Forest Service Roads, riders must: 

Wear helmets

Ride single file

Ride to the right side of the lane

Not block traffic

Use shoulders to allow traffic to pass

Not wear headphones while riding


  • Please call out your number if you are not stopping at a rest area.
  • Ride Safely. Follow the Rules of the Road.
  • Roads have been cleared, but stay alert to potential hazards present on the course: such as rocks, slides, branches.
  • Look for signs ON and ALONG the road that mark the route.
  • Traffic will be minimal, but be alert.  Vehicles may be on the road.
  • Slow down on downhill grades.  



No Tour de Fronds T-Shirt

Tour de Fronds t-shirts will not be available in 2023.

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