Hi Donna and all the volunteers in Powers - the glow of yesterday's ride is still with me. It was my second TDF and worth every mile of the drive down from Portland.  I never thought being last off the course would be as much fun as it was.  I'm putting #105 on the home billboard where other fond memories are displayed.  No wonder CycleOregon 2011 participants were so impressed by this part of their ride. - John Barker

Register - January 1, 2019

Mark your calendars and register early!  We will likely cap registration.  We have a limited number of volunteers and we want to keep the quality high.  See you June 15, 2019!


Tour de Fronds T-Shirt

Order the Tour de Fronds T-shirt when you register!  

Last day to pre-order T-Shirts for Tour day delivery is May 23.  

Orders for later delivery will be taken on day of ride.

Available in Mens and Womens styles in sizes from Small to 4XL.  All sizes are $20 each.



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