2015 Comments from Riders

  • You really paid attention to details.  I felt very safe out on the road.  Nice touch to have the kids in tent watching our bikes.
  • The home-made food was amazing!  I did the whole race on home-made monster cookies, which was awesome.
  • The tour was very well organized.  Everything from support to meals provided was excellent.
  • Best blueberry cobbler I’ve ever had.  Great fun event with great support from the community.
  • All aspects of the ride were phenomenal.  The route was well marked and stations well supplied.  This is what a ride should be.
  • I have also invited my friends to come join me.
  • We had a great time!  Food was awesome and everyone made us feel right at home.
  • I will be back next summer, and so will my two biking buddies who were unable to make the ride this year.
  • The location was GORGEOUS, and I really liked that it was smaller and had some personal touches.  I traveled from the Bay Area for this ride (met some friends from Bend there) and would do it again!
  • The vegetarian lasagna was excellent!  Really appreciated the homemade food.  Thank you.
  • Love the ride and the volunteers! We will be back.
  • This ride was brutally hard and incredibly civilized all at the same time.  I thought I might die climbing, and then you would come to a rest stop with amazing volunteers and home-made food and camaraderie, and then you would leave and nearly die again.  The SAG was phenomenal.  Fortunately, I didn't need them, but I was worried going in because my tires were really old and I thought I might get a non fixable blowout.  Then I realized this would be the best event ever to get a blow-out because someone would be along shortly to carry you back to the start.
  • The food was great!  The local ladies outdid themselves with the lasagna, berry pies.  Delicious pancake breakfast too.  Keep the strawberries on pancakes plz!
  • Fabulous route.  Great volunteers.  Delicious food and ambience.  Will recommend to others for next year!
  • The food at the finish was outstanding although I was so hungry I would have eaten shoe leather!  The volunteers were wonderful.  Very nice and friendly people.
  • I LOVED the band a whichever stop it was they were at.
  • Lovely people, excellent snacks, drinks, and entertainment.
  • Really nice mixture of store bought favorites and homemade goodies.  Fresh fruit always nice. “Camp coffee” at Daphne Grove was fun way to do it and appreciated.  Haven’t done a tone of events, but seems like people enjoy spending a bit more time at each of the TdF rest areas to rest, nibble, and chat with volunteers and other riders because the rest areas are so nice.
  • The snacks and water break at Daphne Grove were very nice and much appreciated.  Music was good and even had news coverage.  The chocolate milk at the finish was also a very nice touch.
  • Beautiful location, fun music, fine food and drink
  • Friendly volunteers!
  • Great website!
  • This is one of the prettiest bike rides I have ever done.  Well organized, wonderful volunteers and just a joy to do.
  • Thank you again for hosting this ride.  You all do a great job and I look forward to it every year.  Robert S “Robin” Miller III
  • Really loved the music.  It was quiet and calm – perfect.
  • You might promote the Eden Valley as a Metric Century ride, as they do in California Rides.  Metric Centuries are the most popular events with the largest registration.
  • Great friendly people in Powers – no suggestions- everyone there does a great job of ride support
  • Enjoyed the ride
  • I think you should be very pleased and proud.  I was very impressed! 
  • Patching the road of course!
  • Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions, I think it’s just about perfect…except that afternoon headwind J
  • I really can’t think of any way to improve the ride.  We were able to camp at the park and didn’t even have to prepare a meal.  It was organized perfectly, as far as I’m concerned.  I look forward to ride the Tour de Fronds again.
  • Get the word out so this will grow to benefit Powers and its citizens.

Online Registration Opens March 1


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