2014 Comments from Riders

  • OREGON’S FRIENDLIEST CENTURY! Nicest, hardest Century in Oregon.  Super nice ride! All the volunteers were so friendly! Rest stops at perfect distances! Awesome Gluten free dairy free lasagna! Great route…wouldn’t change anything!
  • PLEASE KEEP THE EVENT GOING!!  Great ride, beautiful scenery and very well organized.  The food was absolutely delicious! The numbers – lamination, coloring, etc. is a great touch!
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You guys are awesome.  I loved the online signup.
  • THANK YOU!  A great ridge again.  Great support, snacks, and dinner.  We love the TdF!  See you next year.
  • Great ride as always!  Great to have the kids watch the bikes while we ate!
  • We had a blast!  We WILL be back!
  • Online registration works great!
  • Best ride ever!  Thanks so much.  See you next year!
  • THANK YOU!  My experience today was wonderful.  I had a smile on my face all day.  Your food, volunteers and graciousness was heartfelt.  Hugs to you all.  Linda
  • TO THE TOUR de FRONDS STAFF:  Wanted to say how wonderful the ride was to Arrasta Saddle.  Very unique compared to the many rides I have done over my cycling career.  Powers Action Committee was just fantastic – the effort they all put into the reception luncheon at the Hall – the contributors really know how to put on a meal!!! Never been to Powers.  Just a great job and fantastic ride route – need something like this next year.  Thanks.  Doug
  • I really appreciated the presence of the ham radio operators.  They knew our location at all times.  Great to know we are carefully looked after while riding.
  • Just wanted to thank everyone again for such a great ride on Saturday.  I’ve told all my friends about it and they agree it is a ride they all should do next year.  I’ll pass out your flyers to them after our next group ride.  The volunteers on the ride were absolutely the best! Everyone was so friendly and anxious to help.  I was only at the stops for about 5 minutes each but really enjoyed them.  In fact if it wasn’t for Vicki I wouldn’t have even ridden on Saturday despite driving down from Portland.  I had a rough night’s sleep and was ready to call it a day at 7 a.m.  My girlfriend Linda went down to the starting area and brought me back a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll from the Cruiser Café.  She also brought back the well wishes of Vicki and the idea of at least doing the short 30 mile ride.  That was enough to get me up and going.  Once I got riding to Eden Valley it was no problem just to keep going and do the full 103 miles.  I had a great time, wouldn’t change anything in terms of ride support.  Please thank the folks that made the monster cookies.  I had 3 or 4 of them!  At the rest stops you could string a rope/clothes line about 4 feet off the ground between 2 trees.  That would help people with a place to hang their bike while they rested. Thanks for the great ride!  See you next year! Steve
  • HELLO!  Just wanted to complement you and the community of Powers et. Al. for another extremely enjoyable Tour de Fronds.  We noticed the enhanced publicity this year in various papers.  I was riding with a group of eight from various communities.  We really appreciated the friendly, helpful, and professional people at the checkpoints and cookie stations (cookies are my favorite, especially with peanut butter).  The live music at Eden Valley was a b onus.  Thank you so much for your efforts, one and all. Jamie
  • HI AGAIN!  I just want to say that the treats/refreshments were awesome (keep the savory crackers recipe!)  The Powers people are wonderful!  I loved the cheering troupe on the corner before the dinner venue.  This was the 4th time I’ve ridden in the Tour de Fronds!  They just keep getting better.  Powers adoption of this event has been a good fit for all. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jamie
  • Big Thanks to D and all her great friends helping to make our ride so fun.  Jim & Vicki
  • You gals/guys are amazing – Thanks! Barb

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