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Time for some daydreaming: you’re riding on a paved Forest Service road along a quiet creek, then up a climb to a ridge, then out a few miles and down a steep 5-mile grade. You take a right and start a long gradual climb to the ridge, then head back to Powers and an excellent post-ride dinner. 

The sky is blue, the people at the rest stops are wonderful and – now for the best part – maybe you see as many as ten vehicles along the 117-mile Cruiser Loop. Or, you can do one of the four shorter routes (30-43-61-76 mi.), or one of the two gravel mountain bike routes, and see even fewer vehicles!

Wait, there’s more.  There are many places along the routes where you can stop and not hear a humanly created sound (not cars, not trucks, not skateboarders, not jets overhead). Of course, you have to hold your panting for a split second to achieve total silence, but it’s worth it.

Several years ago I fell in love with this ride and the citizens of Powers, OR, who make it such a fabulous event, the Tour de Fronds on June 20 this year.  Go to to see the details and register. Camping and residential stays are available. 

I hear that a Sunday morning pancake breakfast is in the works and could be announced any day.  This is great news because, frankly, anticipating this ride for a year and then poof! it’s over just isn’t very satisfactory.  Spending a Sunday morning with the volunteers who do such a first-rate job producing this event is a perfect way to say good-bye until next year.

Don’t take my word for it – ask those who spent a night in Powers on Cycle Oregon XXIV. Many have returned.

Sure, it’s a long drive.  It takes some effort to get to cycling Heaven. It’s my no. 1 favorite ride of the year.

Tour de Fronds Photos

Tour de Fronds T-Shirt

Order the Tour de Fronds T-shirt when you register!  

Last day to pre-order T-Shirts for Tour day delivery is June 1.  

Orders for later delivery will be taken on day of ride.

Available in Mens and Womens styles in sizes from Small to 4XL.  All sizes are $20 each.



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