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Time for some daydreaming: you’re riding on a paved Forest Service road along a quiet creek, then up a climb to a ridge, then out a few miles and down a steep 5-mile grade. You take a right and start a long gradual climb to the ridge, then head back to Powers and an excellent post-ride dinner. 

The sky is blue, the people at the rest stops are wonderful and – now for the best part – maybe you see as many as ten vehicles along the 117-mile Cruiser Loop. Or, you can do one of the four shorter routes (30-43-61-76 mi.), or one of the two gravel mountain bike routes, and see even fewer vehicles!

Wait, there’s more.  There are many places along the routes where you can stop and not hear a humanly created sound (not cars, not trucks, not skateboarders, not jets overhead). Of course, you have to hold your panting for a split second to achieve total silence, but it’s worth it.

Several years ago I fell in love with this ride and the citizens of Powers, OR, who make it such a fabulous event, the Tour de Fronds on June 20 this year.  Go to to see the details and register. Camping and residential stays are available. 

I hear that a Sunday morning pancake breakfast is in the works and could be announced any day.  This is great news because, frankly, anticipating this ride for a year and then poof! it’s over just isn’t very satisfactory.  Spending a Sunday morning with the volunteers who do such a first-rate job producing this event is a perfect way to say good-bye until next year.

Don’t take my word for it – ask those who spent a night in Powers on Cycle Oregon XXIV. Many have returned.

Sure, it’s a long drive.  It takes some effort to get to cycling Heaven. It’s my no. 1 favorite ride of the year.

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Tour de Fronds t-shirts will not be available in 2023.

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