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Powers - Arrastra Saddle - Anatuvak Saddle - Cow Creek Loop - Anatuvak Saddle - Arrastra Saddle - Powers

103 Miles - Century

Map - Cue Sheet


This 103-mile loop claims an elevation gain of 10,000 feet while winding through old-growth forest.  The route follows the South Fork of the Coquille to near its source in Eden Valley.  The climb to Arrastra Saddle is still on route.  Upon reaching Anatuvak Saddle, riders will descend to Cow Creek for a rest stop before tackling a Category 1 climb back to Anatuvak Saddle. Besides a Category 1 climb, the route also includes Categories 2, 3, and 5 climbs to test and challenge. The ride back to Powers follows the South Fork or the Coquille River, but this time as mostly a descent. This is a very difficult ride.




Category Climbs:

Category 1 - 1 climb

Category 2 - 2 climbs

Category 3 - 1 climb

Category 5 - 3 climbs






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