The mascot for the Powers High School is the CRUISER thus the long ride for the Tour de Fronds has been named the Cruiser Loop.

Definition of a Cruiser: Timber cruiser - a person who estimates the value of the timber in a tract of forest.

When foresters and assessors examine a stand of timber to determine its potential value, this is known as timber cruising. There are a wide variety of reasons to request a cruising on a stand of forest, from a desire to get an accurate estimate of the value of the land, to fulfilling the mandates of an ongoing forest management plan. This process is usually conducted by trained and licensed foresters or timber professionals.

Timber cruising involves selecting a representative sample from a stand of forest and noting the predominant species, their height and diameter, and average quality. While cruising, a forester will also think about issues which may come up during timber harvesting, like threats to animal species which might be nesting in the trees, the ease of access to the site, and the potential for erosion as trees are removed from the site. Once all of these factors have been accounted for, an accurate estimate of the total value of the timber can be made.


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Tour de Fronds t-shirts will not be available in 2023.

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