Powers, Oregon


The Tour de Fronds is one of the most beautiful cycling events in Oregon. The Tour is your choice of scenic rides on low-traffic roads in Southern Oregon’s beautiful Coast Range. From your saddle enjoy views of old-growth forests, wildflowers, waterfalls, rivers, streams, and mountain vistas.

The Tour is well-supported with many and varied snacks and beverages available at each checkpoint.  A large meal after the tour is included in your registration.

The Tour de Fronds traverses Oregon’s premier Glendale/Powers Bicycle Recreation Area, a project of USDA Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

Six rides are available.  Asphalt rides include 30, 456377, and 117 mile long rides with different climbing and grade challenges (see tire recommendations).  One ride is a asphalt/gravel ride the  71 mile ride to Rogue River/Singing Springs.

I've found that most people who build websites for non-profits do not have a website of their own - I'm no exception.  You can check out my domain at www.tanyapedrick.com but you won'f find much there.

If you need a web presence, I know how to buy and register domains (that www.WhateverNameYouWant.com) thing, host websites, and build websites. 

Let me know what you need and I'll try to put something together that you can afford.  The www.tourdefronds.com site is my largest project and is my labor of love.  It gives a good idea of what I can do.  Nothing fancy, but it works.


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Register - January 1, 2019

Mark your calendars and register early!  We will likely cap registration.  We have a limited number of volunteers and we want to keep the quality high.  See you June 15, 2019!

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Tour de Fronds T-Shirt

Order the Tour de Fronds T-shirt when you register!  

Last day to pre-order T-Shirts for Tour day delivery is May 23.  

Orders for later delivery will be taken on day of ride.

Available in Mens and Womens styles in sizes from Small to 4XL.  All sizes are $20 each.



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